maxscript : Selection & ID – Manager



selecting scene objects by

  • class
  • object property
  • name pattern
  • layer
  • selection set
  • material
  • modifier

you can combine any of these criteria

for example:
select all objects which are

  • not visible to camera
  • on layer “layer1”
  • and have a turbosmooth modifier
    then deselect all of these, which
  • don´t cast shadows

any combination you can imagine is possible

the ID-Manager gives you:

  • support for g-buffer, material and VRay effectchannel IDs
  • a fast overview which IDs are present in the scene
  • a fast way to change IDs
  • object selection by ID
  • a visual representation of the resulting MultiMatteElements
  • the possibility to load/save the ID distribution from/to a file
  • automatic MultiMatteElement creation and optimization