procedural modeling / python : fern generator

since i couldn’t find any fern-type plants in my libraries, i built a procedural one in houdini.

because i used a lot of pretty similar expressions during development i decided to switch to python, storing everything in a couple of functions.

features :

  • easy control for length, density, color, bend angles, stiffness etc etc.
  • custom leaf geometry
  • preview mode for faster interaction

rig : airplane – Boeing 707




For the show “Colonia Dignidad”, i built an airplane rig of

a late 60’s Boeing 707 model in 3dsMax.

It provided the artists easy 1-axis controls for complex

mechanisms like landing gear or multipart hatches.

It was achieved with a combination of parameter wiring and the reaction manager.

maxscript : bake & simulation automator


a production tool for fx supervisors

developed for ScanlineVFX

show : The Shallows


maya part of this tool developed by Joshua Raul Teleki

a lot support with coordinate system calculations from Manuel Ferdinand, thanks again 🙂

features :

  • realtime overview of fx related scenes and versions
  • one-click loading of each scene
  • automatic baking of procedural and keyframe based animations
  • automatic alembic output and handover to maya
  • automatic reimport of data after simulation, creating a render ready file

maxscript : Deadline Submitter


a simplified, more artist friendly submitter interface

developed for ARRI Media GmbH

features :

  • automatically sets renderoutput(s) to correct folders based on naming conventions (regEx)
  • prevents accidental overrides of existing renders
  • basic control of which groups/pools are used
  • dependency based submissions

procedural modeling : stadium crowd – source object generator


crowd tools need a source geometry to place agents.

especially in a stadium you want to place these agents on very precise positions.

to be flexible regarding the density of your crowd,

i built a procedural source object generator in houdini.

what it does:

  • automatic distribution of “seats” evenly on splines, doesn’t matter if they are sampled evenly or not
  • aligning the seats, so that they are facing towards the field
  • providing control over seat size, spacing and insets for stairs and gangways